Alexander Rubzow

Hi , I'm Alexander and I'm an freelance Illustrator from Hamburg.
+All Images ©Alexander Rubzow
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  • Saw this today on facebook and thought I might share. Since this is how I think about forms and shapes. You can use this for full rendering as same as shading with a pencil.

    Original post from __ Michal Macko  // his website 

    (Source: artrubzow)

    stop respecting the art? XD; I will follow this advice thank you!

    Asked by drcockula

    Yes.  you know , sometimes u draw. and you be like

    "Wow I put so much effort into it but it still looks kinda like crap , but I’m respecting my drawing so much that I feel unable to make changes" 

    Put a layer above it and mess it up try stuff out and let the happy accidents reign 


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