Beautiful kennoarkkan tagged me to continue his workspace chain >:3

Boring stuff to mention:

  • sketchbook everywhere,with different kinds of papers and shapes. I need that variety to keep my creative fluids going.
  • I’m using an extra keyboard so I dont have to reach too far to the Macbook, also Macbooks tend to heat up and after a stream session of 6 hours my finger tips  are burned .
  • external Siemens screen. Its not special. But it works fine. Mostly  I have reference pictures and movies/videos/tutorials to look at.
  • Far left beside the my sketchbook I collect art- and photography books.
  • I’m using a Wacom Intous 4 PTK-640. 
  • I do have 2 Stylus pens, cos once I thought my old was broken, but it wasnt. Now I have to and stress the nibs with seperated workflows. So my lineart styles dont gets messed up. You may think there is no difference to feel. But for me its relevant,especially for clean lineart.
  • Pussy seducer cap.

I tag xoco1, littleowler and drcockula <3

sketchbook stuff peeps /))) These were done while I was drinking cocktails, hanging out with friends on a cafe, and riding bus and train:)