Alexander Rubzow

Hi , I'm Alexander and I'm an freelance Illustrator from Hamburg.
+All Images ©Alexander Rubzow
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  • Sketch everywhere.

    (I will be at this restaurant more often and sketch the people of hamburg.And then making a book) (And I had only a few seconds to capture the feel. sorry for the crap tho)

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    I love that series with that 3 portraits of the girl. its really beautiful like hell wow.

    Asked by artrubzow


    I got up and walked outside and stared upon the horizon for a few minutes after reading this. That means a lot coming from you.  I’ll definitely be making more like that.

    everybody follow him/her nao

    Sketching everyday, meeting some of my favorite artists, workshops,sitting in the sun, How do you describe 4 awesome days.  Let the pictures speak for themselves. 

    (Source: artrubzow)

    guess whos back with over 30 new sketchbook pages.

    (they are crappy cause I did them in 4 days)

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