Alexander's arts

Hi , I'm Alexander and I'm an freelance Illustrator from Hamburg.
+All Images ©Alexander Rubzow
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  • heeyy. thanks for all the ask!

    I still got to answer some. but my gf is coming soon and I have to try not be that //lazy// hint hint.

    Do you have a favourite artist?

    Asked by zeelat

    its not  a proper answer.

    too many to tell.

    like the 1200++ I follow on tumblr.and other artists. 

    Piercings, how far is too far?

    Asked by Anonymous

    too many on one spot on the genitalia .

    I love nipple piercings.

    other than drawing, what takes the most of your effort from day to day??

    Asked by Anonymous

    believing in my art everyday

    what do you like most about yourself, both personality and looks?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I like my height.  and I also have an answer to everything. I do also like to analyze everything.

    The weirdest thing on your body? ( like a weird frecle with a hair on it or stuff )

    I dont like the design of noses  in general : /


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